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Online Video

We  specialize in very short videos,  introducing a person, service or making a simple point, clearly and concisely. An excellent venue to showcase your business, and for your company leaders to express their vision. Call us to discuss this elegant and powerful option.We can accommodate varied budgets.

Here are several  examples:

This video gives the viewer a connected feeling of trust, clearly Brian knows his stuff and is friendly & professional. A soft marketing piece for website and social media, educating the consumer, his potential customer. Part of a continuing series on small businesses with big heart.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have trees, lots of trees, and roofs bear the burden of all those pine needles and moss. A local company, Debris Free Seattle uses eco-friendly products in their green business, clearing the way for a roof to have a long life, saving substantial money along the way. In this video, Brian Frankowski, the owner of DBS shares a bit of his extensive knowledge on the subject.

A very short intro clip, a kind of video portrait, from a short film we’re working on, about living in the United States.
Short ‘video portraits‘ can make your point in a clear and unobtrusive way.

This video introduction was produced for an NGO doing great work to help the worlds poorest women (and men) bring themselves up from poverty. Owning land for these families allow them to become contributing members of the community, gaining respect and the opportunities to improve both their lives and their children’s future.

In this short video,  ex-biochemist, master Aryuveda practitioner Kumudini Shoba explains the conections betweens Yoga and Aryurveda, which means ‘wisdom of life’. This will promote a series of advanced Yoga workshops taking place in the beautiful, natural settings of Indonesia.

Briscoe Network Solutions makes smaller businesses run their IT networks smoother, he’s satisfied when his clients are “running faster and better, safe & secure”.

With a science background as a biochemist, and coming from a long line of Ayurveda natural healers in Sri Lanka, Kumudini Shoba speaks of how understanding ones inner self can lead to self empowerment in healing.