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5 Ways To Improve Your Photo Shoot

Your photo shoot can go smooth as silk and be a pleasure rather than a chore, experience and good planning will ease the way. We bring both to your project, here are some tips.

  • Select the right professional from the start.  Hiring a professional photographer is like choosing a doctor, you want experience and to know that you can trust their experience. Here’s an example, from a recent web project.
  • Know what you want. Do you need a corporate portrait for a website, an annual report, or a headshot for social media? Twitter and Facebook can require a different approach than corporate use, we can achieve it at the same shoot, but need to know what your priorities are.
  • Your styling sets the tone of the portrait. Do you know your best colors? Do you know the background colors of the website you’ll appear on? Please fill us in on these details, your end result will be a greater success.
  • Give good directions and prep the space. Yes, google maps or a GPS works usually works great, but  is your office or business hard to find, details can save time. Do you have a loading area, or a convenient parking space? Please let us know.
  • Communication is essential to a smooth, successful result, please fill us in on any concerns or requests in advance if you can, this will help us prepare and make for an experience that seems effortless to you, ands that’s the plan.