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Uncovering Steve Jobs’ Presentation Secrets

From BusinessWeek:
“The Apple music event of Sept. 9, 2009, marked the return of the world’s greatest corporate storyteller. For more than three decades, Apple (AAPL) co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs has raised product launches to an art form. In my new book, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience, I reveal the techniques that Jobs uses to create and deliver mind-blowing keynote presentations.

Steve Jobs does not sell computers; he sells an experience. The same holds true for his presentations that are meant to inform, educate, and entertain. An Apple presentation has all the elements of a great theatrical production—a great script, heroes and villains, stage props, breathtaking visuals, and one moment that makes the price of admission well worth it. Here are the five elements of every Steve Jobs presentation. Incorporate these elements into your own presentations to sell your product or ideas the Steve Jobs way.”
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Uncovering Steve Jobs’ Presentation Secrets – BusinessWeek.

Website Photography for a Seattle Yoga Studio

We just completed this website for a local Seattle Yoga studio. It’s a good example of website photography for small business, including portraits, and lively imagery of people in action. See more images

Website photography for a Yoga studio in Seattle

5 Ways To Improve Your Photo Shoot

Your photo shoot can go smooth as silk and be a pleasure rather than a chore, experience and good planning will ease the way. We bring both to your project, here are some tips.

  • Select the right professional from the start.  Hiring a professional photographer is like choosing a doctor, you want experience and to know that you can trust their experience. Here’s an example, from a recent web project.
  • Know what you want. Do you need a corporate portrait for a website, an annual report, or a headshot for social media? Twitter and Facebook can require a different approach than corporate use, we can achieve it at the same shoot, but need to know what your priorities are.
  • Your styling sets the tone of the portrait. Do you know your best colors? Do you know the background colors of the website you’ll appear on? Please fill us in on these details, your end result will be a greater success.
  • Give good directions and prep the space. Yes, google maps or a GPS works usually works great, but  is your office or business hard to find, details can save time. Do you have a loading area, or a convenient parking space? Please let us know.
  • Communication is essential to a smooth, successful result, please fill us in on any concerns or requests in advance if you can, this will help us prepare and make for an experience that seems effortless to you, ands that’s the plan.

Google Takes a Stand

“Google’s decision to stand up to Chinese cyberoppression positively breathtaking. By announcing that it no longer plans to censor search results in China, even if that means it must withdraw from the country, Google is showing spine — a kind that few other companies or governments have shown toward Beijing.

One result was immediate: Young Chinese have been visiting Google’s headquarters in Beijing to deposit flowers and pay their respects.

China promptly tried to censor the ensuing debate about its censorship, but many Chinese Twitter users went out of their way to praise Google. One from Guangdong declared: “It’s not Google that’s withdrawing from China, it’s China that’s withdrawing from the world.”

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Web Portrait for Briscoe Network Solutions

Screen shot 2009-12-28 at 10.19.53 PM

Video Interview – Biochemist, Master Herbalist, Ayurveda Practitioner

With a science background as a biochemist, and coming from a long line of Ayurveda natural healers in Sri Lanka, Kumudini Shoba speaks of how understanding ones inner self can lead to self empowerment in healing.

Website photography – Client: Suze Orman Website Blog


Here is one of our portraits on the website of Suze Orman, well known financial advisor and author.

From the site
Beauty is what you create when you incorporate the other seven qualities into your life, Suze explains. When you take the steps to have harmony, balance, courage, generosity, happiness, wisdom, cleanliness and beauty in your life, you will exude confidence in who you are. “There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman,” she says.

Focusing on Green and Sustainable Industries

As the economy improves, with a number of indicators showing light at the end of the tunnel, I will be focusing my creative energies more and more for green companies and sustainable industries that support people and our planet. I’ve always done annual reports , translating the details and stories of businesses into something more human, more humane, that readers can relate with.Updating this means including social media in the mix, and some new approaches, including video profiles shot for the web. Companies are using social media to improve customer service and to develop a dialog with their client base.

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